Free Wallpaper Downloads

Wallpaper of Polar bear shake, Churchill, Manitoba. Wallpaper of Polar bear family, Churchill, Manitoba. Wallpaper of Leaves and water, Somerset, UK Wallpaper of Juneau Harbour, Alaska Wallpaper of Lions, Tanzania Wallpaper of Kingfisher, Somerset, UK Wallpaper of Puffin, Shetland. Wallpaper of Tern, Farne Islands Wallpaper of Fluorescent Worm, Bahamas Wallpaper of Baobab Flower, Madagascar

Here are some of my wildlife pictures for you to download and use as background images on your desktop. New ones will be added periodically so please come back and see if there is anything else you like. Follow me on Twitter using the link below if you would like to know when new images become available. You won't be sent any advertising stuff but as with most Twitter feeds, you may hear about some of the tedious minutiae of my daily life. I'll try to keep that to a minimum though!

To download, click on your chosen image and it will be downloaded automatically to your specified download folder. You can set the images as your desktop background by right clicking the downloaded file and selecting 'Set as Desktop Background'(PC) or 'Set Desktop Picture'(Mac).
Images are supplied in 2560x1600 pixel resolution so you might need to crop them slightly to fit your screen dimensions but hopefully not.

Please note that all images are subject to copyright and may not be published on the web, or used for any purpose other than that described above. Images are digitally tagged and tracked by Digimarc.